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The Healing Powers of Play

Play doesn't always come naturally to everyone.

The Healing Powers of Play for Parents/Carers is a full day workshop where you will get to integrate the knowledge and experience around the powers of Play.

The aim is to use the medium of play to help enhance the parent/child relationship and connection.

"To heal at a nervous system level, I believe the integration of both knowledge (Head) and experience (body) to be of great importance."

- Siobhan Wilson-McGlinchey, Facilitator

Throughout the day parents / carers / professionals will be invited to explore and gain a greater understanding and awareness on how Play can help the children in their care process their struggles, stressors and challenging behaviours.

"It’s not JUST PLAY, within the process of play children get to explore their inner and outer world, express their emotions and heal unresolved stressors and trauma that is held within the body and mind. No amount of verbal language can talk the child out of these stored up stressors or trauma responses, a deeper process is required for long term effects. Play is the child’s language."  - Siobhan Wilson-McGlinchey

Throughout the day, we will explore:

- The connections between Play and basic Neuroscience concepts;

- The Power of Presence, Attunment and connection to Play;

- The importance of Co-Regulation and Regulation in Play;

- The Process of Play;

- Play Themes;

- The Parents/Carers own experience and history of Play;

- Therapeutic use of self within the parent/child relationship.

Learn more about The Healing Powers of Play from Siobhan here.

"I done the Healing Powers of Play Workshop as a professional working in Social Care, I thought it was so beneficial and took so much from the workshop, both beneficial at work and as a parent too. It was so well planned, both theory and practical elements. I would love to do a follow on workshop."

- Participant with Solis EMC Children’s Services

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Siobhan Wilson-McGlinchey - Humanistic Integrative counsellor, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Energy practitioner

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