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Siobhan's Journey

Siobhan’s own lived experience of childhood trauma is what eventually led her into the profession as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Grieving the loss of her mother at the early age of 9, and her father developing an alcohol dependency while he was left to bring up five children under the age of 10 years old, Siobhan found herself seeking out professional help in her early twenties when she realised all her habitual coping mechanisms and survival responses were no longer working for her.

The painful journey of processing all her early childhood developmental trauma begun in her early twenties. Siobhan believes the healing of her early wounds were of great significance to her, and helped lay the foundations of her practice.

Whilst her academic journey may inform her work, it was within the depths of her own personal therapy process that helped Siobhan identify her practice and develop her unique way of working with her clients.

Having worked in the field of engineering before taking a leap of faith in 2008, Siobhan is now a qualified Creative Psychotherapist, Humanistic Integrative Counsellor and a Play Therapist, with over fifteen years’ experience.

Her ability to attune and empathise allows Siobhan to create a therapeutic relationship where real transformation and healing can occur. She is known for her compassionate, authentic and intuitive approach, to her work.

Her unique approach considers the whole person, (body, mind, soul), and she meets the person where they are throughout the stages of their therapy process, whilst supporting her clients in understanding themselves at a deeper level.

On the basis of Siobhan’s own life journey, with many years of experience working with her clients and developing many training programs, she has developed an integrative model which she believes to be of great support in the healing and processing of stored stress and trauma held within our body and mind.

Within her practice as a Creative Psychotherapist and Facilitator, Siobhan believes that each client is unique and individual and that not one model fits all. 


Siobhan’s modality is the integration of creativity, embodiment, talking therapy, play and neuroscience education. Siobhan believes this approach to be an essential part of the therapeutic process.

Siobhan’s work sees her meet a diverse range of clients, including children as young as three, adults, families, young people, community & corporate organisations and mental health professionals.

Alongside one-to-one sessions, Siobhan has developed and facilitated many programmes, including The Healing Powers of Play, Mindfulness & Your Nervous System, Reflective Practice Group, Body, Mind & Bump Connection, Surfing the Waves and Nourish to Flourish to name a few.

These programmes give the participants a space to connect as a group and develop both personally and professionally.