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Mindfulness & Your Nervous System

There is no doubt that a mindfulness practice can enhance our overall mental health and wellbeing, it has been scientifically proven, but have you ever wondered as to why you may struggle to meditate or sustain a mindfulness practice?

For healing to take place we need to let the Autonomic Nervous System know it’s safe and ok. For some people relaxation, stillness, and activation of the senses can be a cue of danger to their Nervous System and for others it can be a cue of safety to their Nervous System.

Would you like to explore and gain a greater understanding of what happens in your nervous when practicing mindfulness?

Join Siobhan in-person for an experiential evening of Mindfulness and attuning to your nervous system, where she will hold a safe space for you to re-connect to the entire body and all its systems helping you to find harmony and flow.

You will get to experience: 

- A safe space;

- A deeper Connection to your Body, Mind & Soul; 

- A range of guided visualisation meditations;

- Creative expressions;

- Use of Aura soma to help activate the senses;

- A brief introduction to the Nervous System;

- A deeper understanding of your inner being;

- The power of orientating;

- What state of the nervous system are you moving in and out of? (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn)

"I have engaged in a few Mindfulness and Your Nervous System workshops and not one of them was the same, have an open mind and I think anyone will get something from it. It created a better awareness for me of how I deal with stress rather than being a fully relaxing 1.5hrs. There were lovely elements of meditation and mindful practices...loved it!"

- Participant from Solis EMC Children’s Services

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Siobhan Wilson-McGlinchey - Humanistic Integrative counsellor, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Energy practitioner

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